Ugly Duckling Jewelry

  My Ugly Duckling Jewelry Collection was inspired during my recovery from breast cancer.  While walking the beach on North Carolinas' Crystal Coast, I noticed how  the avid shellers completely ignored any shells that were broken and flawed in favor of the perfect or near perfect shells.  I started picking up the broken shells, for at the time, I felt broken too.  One night I awoke with the inspiration to showcase these broken shells, showing that even though broken, they could still be beautiful.  For in life, we are all a little broken.  We are scarred in various ways and rendered imperfect by our mere presence here and the trials of living.  But, just like these shells, our individual trials and difficult experiences can impart to us a richness,  that when imbraced, enhances our beauty as an individual. Therefore, I invite you to look beneath the flaws and imperfections in those around you and embrace the beauty that lies beneath. 

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