The Creation Process

  Creating a piece of art is a process that begins with a spark within the imagination. Sometimes that spark smolders in the mind of the artist for long periods of time before it bursts into a flame.  Sometimes the spark ignites immediately and consumes all that surrounds it and cannot be extinguished.  An artist sometimes spends endless nights lying awake entertaining an idea before finding a way to express it so that others will appreciate it.  Sometimes the idea is so strong that it dictates to the artist exactly how it must be born into reality. 

  I have learned to let my mind be open to the sparks that await to be fanned into flames. I never rush the process, but instead, let them dictate to me the time and place they wish to become real.  Most of my best ideas come to me in the middle of the night which is why I have pen and paper by the bedside to make notes. 

  I have always loved those things found in nature and therefore use those things in my art work.  I have also become an artist who recycles broken things, transforming them into recycled beauties.  Not all that is broken is lost.  In life, we have all been broken in some way, but it does not mean that we are not beautiful.  You just have to look beneath the flaws to see the real beauty.  I invite all of you to look beyond the flaws in life to see the true beauty in all things.

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