When casting leaves,  I make a variety of useful pieces such as bowls, platters, candy and jewelry dishes and decorative dishes for coffee tables and such.  The large banana leaf platters are  great conversation centerpieces for a kitchen counter top  and serve nicely as a  fruit bowl.  Some of the smaller leaf bowls such as the hosta leaf or lily pad make very nice jewelry dishes and are very pretty on a bathroom counter.  They can also be used as candy dishes or a "go to" key keeper.  Most of my bowls and platters are cast in such a way as to have a pedistal base on them which is covered in felt so as not to scratch any surface.  A few smaller dishes such as the lily pads may have glass beads as the base.  All bowls and platters are food safe, but common sense dicates that with the many crevices present in each leaf,  whole foods are the best way to go and soups, dips and such should be avoided for sanitation reasons.  Bowls and platters can be washed with soapy water, but they are not dishwasher safe. 

Bowls and Platters

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